Thinking slow

for high-stakes ⦿

data management domains

The dominant data management challenges of our times such as disinformation, digital identities, algorithms, digital human rights, and artificial intelligence are in dire need of active auditing mechanisms concerning all stakeholders. In these high-stakes domains, humans thinking slow are needed at all stages to avoid worst-case outcomes - human rights violations, substantial psychological and physical harm for groups and individuals - that might be triggered by employing automated data management only.

For whom

We support those in need of research-based insights, interventions, and valorization in high-stakes data management domains, such as supranational and national decision-makers, funding organizations, and NGOs.

We partner with the brightest and the most motivated, irrespective of age, social status, and origin.

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We conduct research in high-stakes data management domains. We draft and evaluate frames and recommendations for active audits. We support stakeholders in the valorization of their data management interventions. We provide seminars, lectures, and keynotes. We write reports, articles and books. We create films. And we design data management interventions to engage key stakeholders.